Overview:  Powered by Native Instruments, Sounds is an extensive sound library consisting of instruments and collections in every imaginable genre within the electronic music domain. I was hired as a contract designer to create Junkie XL's sound pack release on the Native Instrument’s site.

Challenge:  The visuals needed to be consistent with the Sounds Originals brand guidelines while conveying the right look and feel for this particular release. Design flexibility was found within the parameters of the Native Instruments and Sounds Originals brands.

Goal:  I wanted to keep elements of the Sounds Originals brand visible yet subtle so that the artistic feel of the release stood out predominantly. I chose a brightly-colored gradient and design elements to add depth and detail.
Impact:  The designs were approved for final release, and then shortly after there was an internal rebranding for the Sounds Original website that I was not a part of.
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