I was contracted with Vidro Media (a strategy-focused creative agency, Santa Monica, CA) to assist with user experience strategy and documentation. I was also responsible for the visual design of a few of the main templates, which would be handed over to TopFlightApps for further design and development.
Learn more about the visual design for this app here!
During initial strategy sessions with the client we reviewed a competitor analysis, target users, MVP options, and established the process to communicate with development. I created a site map which we continued to iterate on throughout the strategy sessions.
During this ux strategy session, all screens from the current app were printed and brought to the white board where we could determine pain points for key users and a what would bring a better experience. We looked at the main areas of creating your Helpkin network (how do we achieve this?) and using your Helpkin network to request or offer babysitting (pick-ups vs drop-offs, urgent vs non-urgent, babysitting vs play date).
During this full-day session we established what the new journeys would be through the main features; adding people to your Helpkin network, viewing someone's availability via the Availability Calendar and completing a Helpkin request. There were many interactions possible such as request or offer type, location, date, priority and which children or pets were involved.
I created user journeys in Sketch, to scale, which would easily transition to wire frames without having to create new files. An additional way to view the process from a bird's eye, these journeys showed the interaction of screens and what type of content would live on each screen, bringing us closer to the wireframing portion of the project.
Using the shells from the journeys, I began creating annotated wireframes for the main screens in the app. The above screen shows what a new, logged in user would see as their default screen, first guiding them to add people to their network and create a request via Helpkin's playful and witty brand voice.
After a few iterations of wire frames we were ready to begin visual design!
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