Overview:  Helpkin (“help” + “kin”) was created to form a community for busy parents who wanted to reclaim date night, get a smidge of time off or just get together for a play date. Working as contract user experience designer for Vidro and in collaboration with TopFlight Apps, I created initial user flow documentation and notated wireframes to bring a new product to market.
Challenge:  The biggest challenge was how to instill trust in users in order to build the community. This project was truly agile; we had to integrate ongoing feedback that would potentially change the product direction, sometimes quite dramatically. As new and valuable features were added we had to scale back to the MVP for a successful beta release, with subsequent releases adding more features.
- User flow documentation -
- Babysitting request dashboard -
- Calendar -
- Request page -
Goal:  To turn Helpkin into a valuable mobile app where users can easily trade babysitting with trusted friends, starting with strong on boarding and an ability to connect with friends easily. 
Impact:  The MVP was released in October of 2018. In an effort to mainstream sit-swapping and make it easier for families to help one another around the world, the founders of Wana Family Network, Komae, Sitster and Helpkin joined forces toward a common goal. They are now all under one roof on the Komae app.
- There were many trips back to the white board -
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