Overview:  Fresh Lunches provides high-quality, fresh and nutritious foods to schools across Los Angeles, offering a range of customizable options including packed lunches, on-site buffet service, cafeteria management and event catering. I was brought on to spearhead the UX design for a new, more intuitive user account portal  where parents and caregivers can customize meals and set up payment options for easy monthly meal planning.

Challenge:  The main challenge was determining all pain points in the current portal build. We had several in-person meetings to discuss pain points and begin to map out a new user flow. We went through many iterations to establish what wouldn’t work and uncovered what the new MVP would be based on the needs of current customers.

Goal:  Create great value to the parents needing to set up lunches for their kids by enabling seamless orders from the new portal.
Impact:  There was an increase in orders from the new user portal, positive feedback from current users as well as new sign-ups.
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