I spent some time learning the business requirements and the background on why new features were needed. The brand was already established when I began and so it was decided to skip over the production of wireframes. Instead I created design mockups to explore and compare interaction possibilities via prototypes.
I met with the dev team weekly to ensure that each interaction was doable within the current site architecture as well as to hear outside feedback. I used the InVision prototype created from the designs to discuss final options with dev for A/B testing, guided by the product manager and project stakeholders.
I learned that the QA section was as important or more than the reviews themselves. We found that property managers preferred to directly answer specific questions rather than respond to a negative rant in the reviews section; with a fast response rate this allows for better customer service and stronger connection with current and future renters. The most challenging aspect was coming up with relevant interactions that users would find beneficial without crowding the screen. 
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